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End-of-Life Doula Services

 What does an End-of-Life Doula do?

An End-of-Life Doula provides emotional, spiritual and informational support in the period of time leading up to death.

We explore meaning through one-on-one conversation.  This can lead to the creation of a Legacy Project.

  • Legacy Project 
    A Legacy Project expresses the emotional and spiritual inheritance the dying person leaves to his or her loved ones.  After the death, it allows survivors to continue to have a deepening relationship with the deceased over time.
  • Vigil Plan
    Through conversation, we can imagine how the final days could unfold.  If requested, we can create a Vigil Plan, which is a flexible guide for loved ones and caregivers during the active dying period.  For instance, how might you want visitors, caregivers and family to interact with you?  What kinds of sounds, smells, light and touch might be comforting while going through the dying process?  The beauty of a Vigil Plan is that your loved ones won’t have to guess what you want once you can’t speak for yourself.
  • Guided Imagery
    We can also develop a Special Place Visualization to help manage pain and anxiety.

Having a  trusting relationship with a neutral support person, creating a legacy project, creating a vigil plan, and developing guided visualizations all help ease the anxiety that comes with a  terminal diagnosis.   Being able to call on  your End-of-Life Doula during the final days can provide immense support and relief.

 Support & Services

¨ Emotional, spiritual and informational support

¨ Life review

¨ Creation of Vigil Plan

¨ Assistance with developing Legacy Project.

¨ Letter writing.

¨ Guided Special Place Visualization Development

¨ Support of family members and loved ones as directed by Client

¨ Phone support as directed by Client

¨ Attendance bedside during active dying

¨ Guidance for family in following Vigil Plan

¨ Bedside respite support

¨ Compassionate Bodywork for Elderly, Sick and Dying

The support of an End-of-Life Doula appeals to those who have experienced death and wonder if it could be different.  If you want to give your family and yourself tools that will foster greater resiliency in grief, please call today.

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